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Kim Crenshaw has earned more than 80 competitive titles in AKC events, plus multiple national all-breed rankings in both obedience and agility.
Kim is likely the most titled instructor of obedience, agility or dog behavior in Central Alabama.
She is talented as a trainer and instructor, a writer and an analyst. She has given speeches and presentations to the media, schools, seminars and other large groups. Kim has trained dogs for commercials and exhibitions and has been interviewed multiple times by local media as a dog behavior expert and to promote dog events. 

Kim founded the Obedience Training Center of Huntsville in 1992 and was Training Director and manager of the school through 2003. The Obedience Training Center was the largest training school in the Southeast during those years in terms of number of students, number of classes, number of instructors employed. It also produced the strongest competitive team in the area under Kim's guidance. Many of her students have also been nationally ranked in both obedience and agility. 

Kim has personally titled five Labrador Retrievers, a Golden Retriever, three Papillons, a Rottweiler, two Border Collies and a Shetland Sheepdog. She and her students hold many area records for wins and high scores. Most of the dogs Kim has shown in obedience have consistently earned scores of 195 or higher for each title. Spike and Willow posted scores of 198 in Open. Flash consistently scored in the 198 range in Novice and posted a 196 for his second Open leg.

Kim and Flash were ranked the #1 Novice Obedience team across all breeds for 2003 in both the First and Foremost as well as the Delany ranking systems, an honor never before earned by a trainer in our area. In agility, her Papillon Spike placed #2 in the 1999 National Puperoni Agility Tournament.

Kim is an AKC licensed Agility Judge and Rally Obedience Judge. She passed the agility judge seminar and tests on her first try in 2004 and became approved for all levels later that year. She was also approved as a Rally judge in 2004. She is also an ASCA licensed obedience judge.

While she has certified, qualified and titled a variety of dogs in a variety of sports, including tracking, hunt tests, and herding, her primary focus has been obedience and agility. Listed below are some of Kim's titles, all AKC titles unless otherwise noted.

7  CD's (Companion Dog) [Tara, Ginger, Brandy, Spike, Roc, Storm, Flash]
6  CDX's (Companion Dog Excellent) [Ginger, Brandy, Spike, Roc, Willow, Flash]
2 UDs (Utility Dog) [Bandit, Willow]
1  TD (Tracking Dog)  [Spike]
1 VCD2 (Versatile Companion Dog, Level 2)  [Spike]
3 RNs (Rally Novice)  [Flash, Willow, Bandit]
3 RAs (Rally Advanced)  [Flash, Willow, Bandit]
3 REs (Rally Excellent)  [Flash, Willow, Bandit]
7  NAs (Novice Agility) [Spike, Storm, Caesar, Cutie, Prezley, Flash, Velocity]
7  NAJs (Novice Agility Jumpers)  [Spike, Storm, Caesar, Cutie, Prezley, Flash, Velocity]
5  OAs (Open Agility)  [Spike, Storm, Willow, Flash, Velocity]
5 OAJ's (Open Agility Jumpers)  [Spike, Storm, Willow, Flash, Velocity]
4 AXs (Agility Excellent)    [Spike, Willow, Flash, Velocity]
3 AXJs (Agility Jumpers Excellent)   [Spike, Willow, Flash]
2 MXs (Master Agility Jumpers)   [Willow, Flash]
2 MXJs  (Master Agility Jumpers)  [Willow, Flash]
1 MACH (Master Agility Champion) [Flash]
1 PAX (Preferred Master Agility Champion) [Flash]
3 NAPs (Novice Agility Preferred)  [Flash, Velocity, Willow]
4 NJPs (Novice Jumpers Preferred)  [Flash, Spike, Velocity, Willow]
2 OAP (Open Agility Preferred)  [Flash, Willow]
2 OJP (Open Jumpers Preferred)  [Flash, Willow]
2 AXP (Open Jumpers Preferred)  [Flash, Willow]
2 AJP (Open Jumpers Preferred)  [Flash, Willow]
2 MXP (Open Jumpers Preferred)  [Flash, Willow]
2 MJP (Open Jumpers Preferred)  [Flash, Willow]
1  PD1 (USDAA Performance Dog 1)  [Spike]
2 TDIs (Therapy Dog certification)  [Ginger, Storm]

Kim's Puppy Book is a must-have for anyone with a young puppy.  

Kim's individual dogs' webpages:

Flash, Shetland Sheepdog, PAX MACH CDX RE MX6 MXJ6 MXP MJP PK1 CGC
Nationally ranked #1 2003 Novice Obedience for all breeds in both Delany and First and Foremost systems
Willow, Labrador Retriever, UD RE MX6 MXJ6 MXP MJP CGC Velocity, Border Collie, AX OAJ NF NAP NJP
Spike, Papillon, CDX TD AX AXJ VCD2, PD1 NJP CGC
#2 1999 Puperoni National Agility Tournament, 8" 
Brandy, Golden Retriever, CDX CGC
Bandit, Papillon, UD RE AX MXJ AXP MJP CGC Ginger, Labrador Retriever CDX TDI CGC
Storm, Labrador, CD OA OAJ CGC TDI Tara, Labrador Retriever CD CGC
Roc, Rottweiler, CDX, CGC Adrenalyn, Border Collie
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